ME Installation at Design Forum, Helsinki


The soundscape to this installation was a collaboration with Saine.

The whole of mankind has been put on display in an exhibition at Design Forum by the Ylähuone work collective. We, that is 6,5 billion people, appear in the installation on a surface of approximately 100 m2, where one dot represents one of earth’s inhabitants. The fact that there are about 4,1 million dots on an area of one A4-sheet reveals something about the amount of human beings on the planet – in this scale the population of Finland fits on less than one and a half sheets of A4.

 The surface representing mankind fills up almost all of the big exhibition space at Design Forum. All the inhabitants of the world can be seen and comprehended in one viewing – even though a magnifying glass is needed to make out one individual…

 Using different techniques, information about the human population is projected on the pixeled surface; numbers and percentages we encounter every day, but which in the end always remain just abstract numbers. This simplified visual presentation relates these numbers to the entire human population in one glance. How many of us really live in a city? How many of us suffer from the lack of clean water? How many of us drive a car? How many live on less than a dollar per month and how many of us happen to be in love at this very moment?

 The idea of the exhibition is to visualize information in a neutral way, without judgement, and on the other hand to raise questions. The viewer has the freedom to interpret and evaluate what they see.