Hurricane Man

HuMa_Titlecard 360p.jpg

8 x 60”, Screendog for UKTV & BBC Studios

SDir: Caroline Menzies and Olli Sloane, EP: Ed Kellie

The first ever documentary series to take us inside the worlds biggest storms as they are happening. JOSH MORGERMAN aka Hurricane Man and the worlds leading Hurricane Chaser, collects scientific data from INSIDE THE EYE of the storm. As we join Josh in his bid to get into the eye, our documentary teams cover first hand the human stories of survival inside these epic natural disasters.

Be prepared to experience these real life disasters across the Americas, Caribbean, East Asia and the South Pacific like never before…

Really enjoyed writing a combination of action, dramatic and poignant music for this series!

Already airing on BBC Earth/Knowledge and premieres in the USA on the Science Channel Sunday 16th September 2019.